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Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge!

Looking at a map of the east coast and its spiderwebbed corridor of urban growth, its a pleasant surprise to see the glorious swath of green just inland of North Carolina's Outer Banks. Meet Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. 

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This 150,000+ acre playground of public land is unmatched, especially when experienced at your chosen pace on the saddle of a Fat Bike. It is home to the the largest concentration of black bears in the southeast, the only population of the endangered red wolf, countless migratory bird species and abundant plant life. Join Manteo Cyclery's staff to explore this unique pocosin (or high swamp) ecosystem on some of our personal favorite routes.
With each season come new opportunities to observe the natural world. No two trips are alike in the refuge, and the potential sites and sounds are many. A meandering black bear feasting on the fruit of the native highbush blueberry. The rattling call of the belted kingfisher darting along the canals that line each refuge road. A curious otter elegantly swimming through flowering water lillies. The creeping fronds of resurrection fern on the high branches of a stout bald cypress tree. Eager hummingbirds drinking nectar from the red blooms of coral honeysuckle.  
There is simply no better way to soak in landscape and wildlife along some of these peaceful, rugged gravel roads. Take a break from the lines of beach traffic and stretch your legs with us for a couple hours!

What's a Fat Bike?

A mountain bike frame with impressive 4-inch wide tires (more akin to a dirt bike) that can handle rough terrain. Originally designed for riding in snowy conditions in the American West, they do great on the packed sand of our beaches as well as gravel and dirt surfaces. 
With 20 gear options, riding one of our fat tire mountain-style bikes is not as hard a you might imagine. It is not impossible for the beginner but be forewarned-- it is a somewhat physically demanding activity.